Tracy & Dan

Tracy & Dan

Tracy is a dear friend and fellow photographer – go check out her beautiful fine art photography – and when she put out a last minute request for portraits, I was more than happy to help her out.

Tracy and her husband Dan are such a fun and vibrant couple… they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. And this wonderful mural at the Lawndale Art Center was also perfect for them. I knew it was a temporary mural so I was thrilled we were able to take their portraits in front of it before it was gone. You may also recognize it from this¬†other portrait session. It’s a collaborative piece called Skywriting.

And how awesome do their outfits (and Tracy’s necklace) coordinate with the artwork? That was totally by chance!

We also took portraits over at my favorite art museum in Houston, The Menil Collection.

I love the building’s architecture… and I just love me some Tracy and Daniel. Doesn’t their love for each other come through in the images?

And a parting shot of Tracy’s amazing smile. It’s contagious and literally lights up a room… Thanks guys! I LOVED being able to take these portraits for you!! Love you guys!

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