I worked as Christine Tremoulet‘s Assistant Photographer for weddings and special events for the entire time she primarily shot weddings and through that experience, gained the experience needed to venture on my own.

Your wedding day is such an important day in your life and after all the guests are gone, the flowers have been dried, the dress has been stored, the cake has been eaten – your photographs are what will remain of the gorgeous emotional day. Let me capture those moments for you and preserve those precious memories visually for a lifetime.

I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to marry and would be honored to photograph your GLBT commitment ceremony.

I offer custom packages (minimum of 4 hours) for small, intimate weddings and commitment ceremonies and can travel (my passport is always up-to-date)! My packages include an engagement session – we like to call it a “getting to know you” session.

My Experience

Wow! Looking through archives and I am amazed at the diversity of weddings I have had the opportunity to photograph: Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian, Muslim Indian, Hispanic, Nigerian and more. I’ve shot commitment ceremonies & second weddings. I’ve photographed weddings in Mexico (Cancun & Oaxaca) and in Belize; in Las Vegas and in Napa Valley; along the Guadalupe River; in a historic church in Goliad, Texas; in historic Galveston buildings; on a boat; next to a golf course; in a cathedral; in a mosque and at a Hindu temple; on beaches and at marinas; at mansions and in backyards; in quaint bed & breakfasts; in an old movie theater; in Downtown skyscrapers and even post-hurricane without electricity!

Needless to say, there isn’t much I haven’t seen when it comes to weddings and I look forward to hearing how you will be making your day special and how I can help capture your wedding day for you.

Even if you don’t choose me, a few things to consider when you are looking at photographers:

  • Ask to see a full wedding gallery from start to finish. Don’t just look at what they have up on their website’s galleries but a complete gallery.  How do they capture the *entire* event, from start to finish, how do they tell the story? Do they take party pics if you want those (some photogs don’t)?

I will be more than happy to give you access to the proofing gallery of a wedding I have shot so you can see how I capture the whole day. 

  • What is included in the pricing? Are hi-res images included int he pricing or is there an additional fee? Is there a minimum print or product requirement? Does the package include any prints or products (i.e. albums)? If not, do you have the right to go produce an album for yourself with another vendor or would you be required to buy from the photographer themselves?

My wedding photography pricing varies due to various factors including venue (will it be church + reception venue or all in one location), amount of guests and length of coverage. All packages include an engagement session, an online gallery and hi-res images. I can then add or subtract hours, offer various album options & custom print packages, add a 2nd shooter, add a bridal session (or substitute it for the engagement session), etc.

  •  Is an engagement session included in the package price or is it additional?

As mentioned above, my pricing always includes an engagement session and I highly recommend having one. They are actually a lot of fun and typically our client’s favorite images of themselves as a couple. It is also a wonderful chance to get time in front of the camera and get to know my style during a more relaxed one-on-one session before the chaos of the wedding day. Sometimes, this will often times be the first time I get a chance to meet the groom!

  • Equipment is always important but more importantly, do they bring back-up gear in case of an emergency?

I always have a back-up camera body, several lenses that overlap in range, a back-up flash, tons of additional fully-charged batteries and even more memory cards. If a piece of equipment fails, I can still continue shooting without much interruption. This has happened to me once by the way – my flash was accidentally snapped in half due but I had a back-up flash so I was able to keep shooting.

  • Do they do a lot of posing/directing/staging to get the shots or is their style more candid & photojournalistic?

My style is more candid & photojournalistic and I don’t like to stage or recreate shots or take time away from your guests. Your wedding day is about you and your celebration and should not feel like a fashion shoot. Instead, I capture the memories as they happen, the interactions you may not see but my lens does, the details you worked so hard to plan.

  • How long do they archive client’s images? Do they have a back-up process?

I keep two copies of your files on external hard drives for up to a year at least.

  • Does their pricing include a 2nd photographer?

I can shoot on my own or I can bring in an experienced second shooter – I have a list of colleagues I trust to work beside that shoot weddings themselves on a regular basis.

  • Approximately how many images do they deliver?

I deliver approximately 100 images per hour of shooting.

  • Would they be shooting your wedding or do they use other associates?

If you book wedding photography with me, I will personally be shooting your wedding unless there is an unforeseen family or medical emergency. At that point, I would work with you to find a reputable colleague that I trust to fill in for me.

  • Do you like their personality – do they make you feel comfortable? You will be spending a full day with them and it will be an emotional day. Be sure you get along with your photographer’s personality and that you feel comfortable with them. It will show in the photographs if you do not have a connection with your photographer. I would recommend meeting the photographer in person (or the person who would be shooting your wedding specifically) to make sure that you like them as a person. Would you be comfortable with them in your room as you get ready, especially if it’s a guy? If not, does he shoot with a woman associate?

I am a genuine, honest person with a quirky side. I bring a very relaxed attitude and am extremely flexible to your needs and requests. I have been known to put the camera down for a minute to help bustle a dress or to get an emergency sewing kit I carry with me to fix a bridesmaid dress. I understand the importance of the day and how much it means to you and your groom and will do everything in my power to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

As a final note, I’d like to say that after all is said & done, after the dress it put away in the back of the closet, after the flowers have wilted, the cake & food eaten, the venue cleaned up – the photos will be what outlive all of those things and be the one item that documents all of it. The photos will be what you look at 10, 15, 30 years down the road and if you have kids, what you will pass down to them. And I don’t just say that as a photographer but as a bride who has now been married almost 15 years.